Defending images from AI, and air-conditioning’s dilemma

What’s occurring? There’s presently nothing stopping somebody taking the selfie you posted on-line final week and modifying it utilizing highly effective generative AI techniques. Even worse, it is likely to be unimaginable to show that the ensuing picture is faux. The excellent news is {that a} new software, created by researchers at MIT, may stop this. 

How does it work? The software, referred to as PhotoGuard, works like a protecting protect by altering images in tiny methods which might be invisible to the human eye however stop them from being manipulated. If somebody tries to make use of an modifying app based mostly on a generative AI mannequin to govern a picture that has been “immunized” by PhotoGuard, the end result will look unrealistic or warped. 

Why it issues: The necessity to discover methods to detect and cease AI-powered manipulation has by no means been extra pressing, as a result of generative AI instruments have made it faster and simpler than ever earlier than. Learn the total story.

—Melissa Heikkilä

Why air-conditioning is a local weather antihero

Temperatures are rising across the globe, shattering excessive warmth data on principally each continent. It’s making air-conditioning much less of a “good to have” and extra of an absolute necessity in some components of the world. 

However air-conditioning is changing into a monster in the case of vitality demand. We’d have so as to add a complete US electrical grid’s value of recent vitality era simply to energy all of the air conditioners that may come on-line within the subsequent few a long time. On the upside, loads of persons are working in the direction of enhancing present techniques to make them extra climate-friendly. Learn the total story.

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